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Chet Hoy 2017 Verano – Otono


Fall 2017 Brochure


Chet Today 2017 Summer Fall English

Newsletter Spring 2017

Check out some of the ministry highlights from CHET! CHET satellite locations now include the following locations: San Diego 2 sites, Los Angeles 3 sights, Walnut Creek 1 site, Chicago Illinois 2 sites, Minneapolis Minnesota 1 site, La Villa Texas 1 site, Mexicali Mexico 1 site. Six hundred plus students are currently matriculating at CHET. CHET training aids students work in India. Melvin Ardon, CHET Bachelor of Christian Ministry Program student ministers in Nagaland northeast India province. CHET hires Rev. […]

CHET’s Role in Visionary Education Leadership

In recognition of the significant role CHET is playing in Hispanic education, CHET’s President, the Rev. Edward Delgado, has been invited to be part of a Commission formed from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Hispanic Theological Education Association (AETH). ATS is an organization that accredits institutions and approves degree programs offered by accredited schools of more than 250 Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox graduate schools of theology. AETH exists to stimulate dialogue and collaboration among theological educators, […]

CHET’s Role in a Life

Flor Graterol, now a CHET staff member writes, “It’s been almost 10 years since I first came to CHET with the desire to learn more about the Bible, how to study it, but little did I know that God was knocking at my door. I am so grateful to CHET, my theological school that has led me by the hand through studies, experiences, and inter-relationships to discover, as through the pages of a clever book, a call to Godly obedience. […]

CHET Honors Scholarship Recipients

December 3, 2011 was Graduation Day for seventy four students from the Pre-Ministerial, Ministerial and Family Counseling Programs. Their diplomas and certificates were presented to them by CHET Board Chairman, United Airlines Captain Richard Martinez and CHET President, Rev. Edward Delgado. These new graduates now join a company of over 800 students who have received their theological foundation through CHET, a company that was only a dream twenty one years ago when CHET taught its first classes with a total […]