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Pre-Ministerial Program

The Pre-Ministerial Program utilizes the Compendium of Pastoral Theology, a program developed in Latin America by the Evangelical Seminary to the Nations (Seminario Evangélico a las Naciones [SEAN]). The program is focused on the life of Christ based upon the Gospel of Matthew. One of six semesters is dedicated to each of 6 volumes of study. Each weekly session while meeting in small groups called “Peñas” serve to corroborate the work completed at home, to improve content understanding and to discuss the themes of interest that arise as a result of the study. Each session (“Peñas”) is facilitated by a well trained Tutor, all of which are closely supervised by CHET staff.

CHET’s desire is that each student upon completing the Pre-ministerial Program:

  • Develop a deep rooted spiritual life through the study of the Word of God, through prayer, through worship, and through the service and communion with other believers.
  • Discern and identify his or her ministerial gifts for service in their local church and in their community.
  • Manage the Gospel of Matthew with ease and have knowledge of the Life of Christ and his evangelism and discipleship work.
  • Know how to structure, organize or direct a worship service or special worship focused event.
  • Know how to facilitate, teach or lead a group Bible study, a Sunday school class, or evangelistic cell group, assuring the participation of all those students involved.
  • Develop well disciplined study habits that shore up their continued educational endeavors. Improved study habits focus on reading and writing, reporting, and task and project completion.

Upon completion of each of the 6 Pre-ministerial courses, 4 units will have been earned per course (24 units). Thirty (30) units are required to complete the Pre-ministerial program. Students may choose to take 6 additional 1 unit value workshops in order to meet program completion requirements. Decisions may be made in consultation with the Academic Advisor or CHET satellite coordinator.




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