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The goal of the Ministerial Program is to equip men and women who have been called by God and have gifts to plant new churches and/or pastor a congregation that is a part of its community and connected to its denomination. In order to achieve this goal, it’s necessary to work with the candidate in their development in their personal life, in the affirmation of their gifts and calling, and in the polishing of their ministerial skills.


The central importance of the Great Commission is to “make disciples.” This course explains the biblical basis of doing holistic evangelism projects. It locates this topic inside of the contemporary debate about the mission of the church and analyzes the respective documents representative of a variety of Christian traditions. The course examines the Great Commission in the four gospels and offers practical tools for evangelism and personal discipleship in small groups.

M-212 STARTING NEW CHURCHES (Requirement M-211)

This course offers the biblical and theological basis of starting new churches, it discusses the practical results of starting with a strong basis, and it shows the advantages of starting churches following organic and biotic principles, rather than technocratic principles. It explains the conditions and resources that a church planter needs to make a good start. The course uses the information collected by Christian A. Schwarz in his research done around the world about the healthy characteristics that allow a church to grow in a natural way.


Jesus himself showed us the educational role of the church through his example and command. The church trains its members so that the testimony of Jesus Christ transforms the lives of his followers and makes them participants of God’s mission. This course offers practical tools to organize, implement, develop and evaluate educational experiences that are challenging and productive. The course trains the Sunday School teacher so that they are able to use different didactic methods, elaborate an action plan, and evaluate the progress of the students through the light of the Word of God.


The pastor walks along side of individuals, couples, and families in critical moments in their development and search for alternatives to their feelings, ideas, attitudes, conducts and relationships that are harming them. The course trains the student in the nurturing of virtues connected with their inner-being in learning things related to their mission and in the development of skills related to their vocation. The course trains the student to be able to distinguish between Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Care. It explores the different types of families within our churches, including the student’s own family.


This course gives the student the opportunity to work on making expository sermons that address contemporary topics. Thorough exegetical preparation of the chosen passages is the central element of this class. Each student will have the opportunity to preach and will be videotaped and observed by the class and the professor to be evaluated. The course will offer individualized work for those who are interested in further polishing their homiletic skills.


This course offers practical tools in developing a way of thinking from a Christian Perspective and helps students to articulate themselves through writing. It stimulates the development of creativity and helps students generate new ideas on how to communicate the gospel and edify the church. It trains students to use bibliography, footnotes, study cards, and techniques in writing papers.


Only staring after the second half of the 20th century was human communication studied in all its complexities. This course offers tools and concepts to develop effective and functional communication in the family, church, and society. Through integration exercises, the students evaluate communication areas that need improvement while cooperation and intimacy are promoted.




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