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At the heart of the Christian faith is the conviction that God has acted in history for the salvation of humankind. The ultimate testimony of the saving action that culminates in Jesus Christ is the Bible, we confess to be the Word of God. CHET is committed to helping God’s servants to understand and proclaim God’s word. We believe in the importance of training ministers to interpret the Bible in the light of the historical and theological truths.


Required Courses

  • B-211 Panorama of the Bible
  • B-212 Biblical Interpretation
  • B-213 Genesis and the Pentateuch
  • B-214 Paul’s Letters

Optional Courses

  • B-301 The Psalms for Today
  • B-303 Revelation
  • B-313 The Acts of the Apostles


A minister needs to build an integrated understanding of the gospel for today. It is essential to study the various sources and influences that have shaped the doctrinal expression of the church in its development. CHET is committed to articulate an ethical understanding of the gospel and its current implications, so that students develop an orderly and structured theological position that they can guide ministerial work.

Required Courses

  • T-211 Biblical Theology
  • T-212 Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • T-213 Christian Ethics

Optional Courses

  • T-302 Hispanic American and North American Theology
  • T-303 Theology and the Holy Spirit
  • T-304 Theological Foundations for Marriage and Family


A minister needs to acquire an understanding of the various contexts in which the church has responded to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. A study of the church since its founding in the apostolic era to the present day (around the world, with emphasis on Latin America and Latinos in the United States) provides the minister with tools for an understanding of the universal Church. A course on the history and theology of the Evangelical Covenant Church provides as a requirement for students in the denomination.

Required Courses

  • H-211 Church History
  • H-212 History of the the Church in Latin American and the United States
  • H-213 The History and Theology of the Evangelical Covenant Church


We live in an era of rapid and profound social changes. The church is called to account for their faith in this generation who is between the assertion of their ethnic and linguistic identities, on the one hand, and the imposition of a globalizing culture, on the other. CHET is committed to explore with our students, creative ways to assert the Latin American identity and at the same time, facilitate the integration of immigrants and their descendants in the host society and the ministry of the church.

Required Courses

  • C-213 Women and Men in God’s Mission
  • C-214 Human Development
  • C-215 Today’s Family

Optional Courses

  • C-301 “New Age” and Modern Sects
  • C-304 The Bible, Church, Sexuality, and the Family
  • C-305 Community Transformation


The goal of the Ministerial Program is to equip men and women who have the calling and gifting to planting new churches and/or pastor a congregation seated in their community and linked to the denomination. To achieve this goal we need to work with the candidate to the development of their personal life, in the affirmation of their gifts  call and in improving their ministry skills.

Required Courses

  • M-211 Evangelism and Discipleship
  • M-212 Starting New Churches
  • M-213 Christian Education
  • M-214 Counseling and Pastoral Care
  • M-215 Biblical Preaching

Optional Courses

  • M-312 Thinking and Writing
  • M-314 Marriage and Family Communication



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