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Pre-Ministerial Program (100 level courses)

The Pre-Ministerial Program is open to all who desire to deepen their study of Scripture and to prepare to better serve the Lord, their church and their community. Students will receive a Certificate upon completion of the required 30 credits.

The program utilizes the Compendium of Pastoral Theology developed in Latin America by The Seminario por Extension Anglicano (SEAN which means Study by Extension for All Nations). This Compendium is divided into six workbooks all focused on the life of Christ and the Gospel of Matthew. A workbook is completed each trimester. The completion of each earns the student four credit units. In order to complete the 30 credit unit requirements, the student must take six additional mini-courses, one unit each.

Ministerial Program (200 & 300 level courses)

The Ministerial Program is composed of 90 credit units, 30 upon completion of the Pre-Ministerial Program and 60 required and elective courses from the Ministerial Program. The supervised one year practicum is required for completion. Those interested in this program must be recommended by their local church and must be interviewed by the President or Academic Dean. Each student, upon completion of the program, will receive a Ministerial Diploma which is accepted by some churches for the process of meeting ordination requirements.

Lay Family Counseling Program (400 level courses)

In agreement with the Latin-American Association of Family and Pastoral Counseling (EIRENE), CHET offers training and certification in family counseling to community workers, pastors, church leaders, future ministers, and persons interested in working with families in crisis prevention and intervention. The training combines studies in psychology, Biblical principles and pastoral care. The program is composed of three levels: cognitive (7 courses), experiential (4 workshops), and clinical (100 hours of supervision).

Orientation Program

This program is designed for currently credentialed and practicing ministers who want to join the Covenant denomination. Please contact our office for specifics on the course of study.

Bachelor of Ministry (Modules 1-6)

This program is endorsed by La Asociación Hispana de Educación Teológica, AETH (The Hispanic Association for Theological Education). It is open to CHET Ministerial Program graduates and others having completed similar program requirements. The Bachelor of Ministry adds 36 units to those earned in the CHET Ministerial Program. Entry requirements include standardized tests in Bible, Theology, and Church History.




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