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CHET Honors Scholarship Recipients

December 3, 2011 was Graduation Day for seventy four students from the Pre-Ministerial, Ministerial and Family Counseling Programs. Their diplomas and certificates were presented to them by CHET Board Chairman, United Airlines Captain Richard Martinez and CHET President, Rev. Edward Delgado. These new graduates now join a company of over 800 students who have received their theological foundation through CHET, a company that was only a dream twenty one years ago when CHET taught its first classes with a total of less than twenty students. And now with its new Compton Headquarters filled each class day, with satellite teaching locations in the greater Los Angeles Area and in other key locations across the United States over 600 students presently utilize the CHET curriculum and teachers.

CHET’s ministry has always been the passion of many, some as teachers, some as administrators, and others as those concerned with supporting students in their stressful financial condition of work, study, and family. Currently hundreds of regular individual gifts supply eleven percent of the $369,665 CHET annual budget. But beyond that some individuals and organizations have provided special scholarships for students who have advanced in their theological training and are significantly involved in a service to their local church, their neighborhood or well beyond their neighborhood.

At the December 3 CHET graduation four scholarships were awarded to outstanding students.  These came from two scholarship funds entrusted to CHET. The first is the Eldon and Opal Johnson Scholarship Fund and the second has been initiated by the Barney II Foundation Servant Leadership Program. Both Funds help CHET students pay their tuition costs. The Eldon and Opal Johnson Scholarship Fund, honors the Johnsons who as former missionaries to Bolivia came back to Los Angeles and won the hearts and souls of hundreds of Spanish speaking immigrants to themselves and to our Lord Jesus Christ. Their first meeting in Los Angeles had three attendees, ten years later they left a Congregation of over 300 trained members. Their passion was evangelism and discipleship through disciplined teaching, a teaching that is now manifest in CHET.

The Barney II Foundation Servant Leadership Program is a unique double partnering program. The Foundation first makes available funds which must be matched by individual gifts. The matched funds under CHET’s administration are then given to students who have met the requirements of the Foundation. Responsibility for the second phase of the partnering scholarship is placed upon the student recipient; for the student gives 25% of their scholarship funds to a preferred service project or organization.

The fund established by the Barney II Foundation is named by the person or persons who supply matching funds. The fund under the control of CHET has been named The Lyle and Rosie Stokes Servant Leadership Program Scholarship named for founding CHET Board member and longtime friends and supporters, Lyle Stokes and his wife Rosie. At this year’s graduation three scholarships were awarded from this fund, each for $666.66.

The Lyle and Rosie Stokes Servant Leadership Program Scholarship

Benito Amaya who graduated from the Pre-Ministerial Course in 2010 is presently in the Ministerial Program pursuing the Bachelor of Christian Ministry Diploma. He with others started an organization named Blessed 2 Bless which has seen the need of feeding the hungry in his neighborhood and gathered churches and other interested organizations to provide food once a month with a hope to increase this to a daily food service. Benito noted that he would not be able to continue his education at CHET without the support of this Scholarship based on criteria that included his academic success, service to his church, and demonstrated leadership.

Briggid Marling Girón has graduated from the Pre-Ministerial program at CHET and is now enrolled in the Ministerial Program. Briggid has completed 952 hours of volunteer service at the Renuevo School, a private Christian School, where she assists students with their phonics, vocabulary words, reading, and math. She also performs administrative duties in the school office. Briggid’s ministry grew out of her description of a leader, “One who is willing to serve without complaining and just serves others with love and compassion not expecting anything back.”

Delfina Alemán is currently in the midst of the Pre-Ministerial Program at CHET. Her ministry is and has been through the church, Iglesia Getsemane in El Salvador. She with others send needed new and used clothing and shoes to those who live in marginalized areas in El Salvador. Through such a ministry it is then possible to communicate with the people presenting the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ and gaining them to their Savior. Delfina sees a leader as one who facilitates spiritual and material help for the community of persons in need of such help and through the church, counsels those brothers and sisters recently converted.

The Eldon and Opal Johnson Scholarship Fund

The CHET Eldon and Opal Johnson Scholarship Fund is to be given to, “A person professing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who is called to serve in the Kingdom of God as a church planter, a pastor, or a missionary.”

This once a year award was given at the 2011 CHET Graduation ceremony to Benito Amaya. Benito has ministered in Mexico, in the central part of the United States and California. There he has preached the Word of God in the streets and parks. He has also taken and distributed food to those he sees in need. His vision is to meet the needs of those children he has met who are alone and abandoned for whatever reason and then to gather together others from the body of Christ who are like-minded to help these needy children.

Congratulations go to the graduates and scholarship recipients for their hard work! Congratulations also go to those that make it possible for these students—the scholarship foundations and donors, the CHET staff and CHET professors all for the equipping of these fine leaders for the kingdom of God.



  1. Excelente ministerio que están desarrollando para la gloria de Dios. Les felicito y sigan adelante. Muchas personas necesitan ese apoyo que con la ayuda de Jesucristo sólo ustedes pueden dar.
    Saludos y bendiciones. 3 Juan 2.


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